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Art and Philosophy: What Happens Next?

Next DUST Event (in partnership with ACW MA programme)

In the past decade the relationship between art and philosophy has undergone significant changes. In particular, the nebulous strand of philosophy known as speculative realism started to appear more and more on the radar of working artists, curators, and theorists. However, as with all new developments we have started to witness recent attempts to critically examine this emergence.


In this event we invite Pete Wolfendale and Rob Jackson, two philosophers associated with these speculative philosophies, to take stock and reflect on the nature of this relationship, but also to provide insights into where they believe it is now going. Responses will be given by artist Teresa Gillespie and Rebecca O’Dwyer (writer and PhD student, Visual Culture, NCAD). To finish we will have an open debate allowing the local community to provide their own input into the nature of this dynamic.


Time: December 6th (2013) 4pm-6pm

Harry Clarke Theatre, NCAD, Dublin 8art+phil_small_web


John Mullarkey, “How to Behave Like A Philosopher”

Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought (D.U.S.T.)  and the M.A. in Art in the Contemporary World (National College of Art and Design, Dublin) presents:

John Mullarkey (Professor in Film and TV, Kingston University, London)

“How to Behave Like a Philosopher”

2pm-4pm, Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Friday 1 February 2013

Abstract: In this talk I outline one way in which Laruelle’s non-standard philosophy might be introduced – through philosophical behaviourism. Images of ‘posture’ are common throughout Laruelle’s work, with the seemingly literalised use of ‘orientation’, ‘stance’, ‘gesture’, and ‘comportment’ being prevalent in his writings. Such allusions might bring to mind ideas from Ryle, Wittgenstein, Dennett, and even the early Merleau-Ponty, whereby the conscious intent of philosophers (the world each creates) is eliminated in favour of the shared behaviour, or style of thought, they manifest. Yet this would be a philosophical behaviour without ‘behaviourism’ – the overdetermined philosophy of what behaviour is (which is usually reduced to one or two variables). By expanding the notion of behaviour beyond these limits – that is, rendering it non-standard – it can be seen that the concept of philosophical ‘decision’ (the key structural invariant for philosophy, according to Laruelle) is neither intellectual nor voluntary, but a matter of orientation or posture as regards the Real. That said, what non-standard philosophy may ultimately teach, is less a new thought about the Real, or even just about philosophy, but a different category of behaviour as regards other behaviours – a re-orientation that renders behaviour indefinite.
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Audio of Anthony Paul Smith at DUST

The audio of Anthony Paul Smith’s Faux Amis? Francois Laruelle and the for Speculative Turn is now available at Thanks to APS both for the audio and inaugurating DUST into the world –no easy task!

DUST Talk: ‘Faux Amis? Francois Laruelle and The Speculative Turn,’ Anthony Paul Smith

The first speaker event to be hosted by DUST will feature none other than Anthony Paul Smith (LaSalle University).

Smith is well-known to those working in contemporary continental philosophy as a translator and scholar of the work of the Francois Laruelle.

An expert guide to all things Laruelle he is kindly going to speak on the topic of Laruelle’s complicated appearance alongside ‘speculative realism.’

The talk will take place at Flat_Pack Gallery [32 Nth Brunswick St. D7], Weds, 2-4pm, January 9th, 2013.


Weaponising Speculation (Dublin, 2013)

We are pleased to announce the details for DUST’s signature event of 2013. The event is a chance for those working within speculative realism, whether in theory or art, to come together and start plotting with one another.

It is also where we will announce the future plans of the DUST theory/art collective (of which there are many).

It will also serve as a chance for ‘para-academics’ to get into contact outside Dublin’s traditional University system. WS will seek to create a comfortable atmosphere to try out new ideas.

Our plan is to invite speakers from across the European para-academic/SR community, but we also want to bring together the currently disconnected scenes operative in Dublin.

The conference will take place on March 2-3, 2013 at Independent Colleges, Dublin.

Organized by Michael O’ Rourke, Fintan Neylan, and Paul J. Ennis

If this sounds appealing to you then get in contact with us:

Also, feel free to follow us on twitter: dublindust

to weaponate


Distinct from the norm. Distinct even from the academic norm. Twice removed the para-academic is doubly unwanted. The ones you have trained are set loose and they know your secrets. They are pests and they want to be armed…

DUST is a theory/art collective operating in Dublin. It’s chief  are Michael O’Rourke, Fintan Neylan, and Paul J. Ennis.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing information about our various conspiracies.