Weaponising Speculation (Dublin, 2013)

We are pleased to announce the details for DUST’s signature event of 2013. The event is a chance for those working within speculative realism, whether in theory or art, to come together and start plotting with one another.

It is also where we will announce the future plans of the DUST theory/art collective (of which there are many).

It will also serve as a chance for ‘para-academics’ to get into contact outside Dublin’s traditional University system. WS will seek to create a comfortable atmosphere to try out new ideas.

Our plan is to invite speakers from across the European para-academic/SR community, but we also want to bring together the currently disconnected scenes operative in Dublin.

The conference will take place on March 2-3, 2013 at Independent Colleges, Dublin.

Organized by Michael O’ Rourke, Fintan Neylan, and Paul J. Ennis

If this sounds appealing to you then get in contact with us: dublindust@gmail.com

Also, feel free to follow us on twitter: dublindust

to weaponate


5 responses to “Weaponising Speculation (Dublin, 2013)

  1. “The mystic shatters the mirror of speculative reflexivity and wields it as a knife against self and world, a sacrificial tool. But somehow the mystic also shatters the mirror without breaking it, breaks it without violence, which is the work of love.” šŸ˜‰

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